Foo Fighters

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Preping the eaters for camera time.


If I remember correctly, the contest was supposed to last for six minutes. It seemed like an hour.

The guy in the blue shirt won after eating 11 hot dogs in buns.


Meanwhile, Jane and I got busy measuring the aluminum foil.


We divided the foil up into rough geometric shapes and calculated their areas separately.


 There was a margin for error.

 There were places where the foil had overlapped, and many of the edges were crinkled, making precise measurements difficult and unreliable.

Undeterred, we did arrive at a total:

Dave Grohl has a surface area of 2,361 square inches, or 16.4 square feet.

Now you know how much fabric to buy if you ever need to sew him a jumpsuit!

Moments after the hot dog eating contest had finished, MTV2 personality Jim Shearer and I announced the aluminum foil surface area results on the air.

The fun moved inside just moments before rain began sprinkling.


Jane and I were finished for a while, at least, and went back downstairs to hang out in the studio.



Everyone was getting ready for the next big event. Three couples were to be married by Dave Grohl.

One of the brides, Jenny, was wearing tall blue wings, of which I was unable to get a good photo. Check the MTV2 website for more photos if you are interested.

The wall to the right was filled with hundreds of celebrity photo-booth strips. 


Heather and friend prepare for the wedding.

Dan and Scott.

Do you know how rare a picture of two grooms is? Extremely rare.


Jane and I knew it would be a few hours before the acoustic set started, so we walked back to the hotel to try to get some sleep.

Despite being very sleep-deprived, I lay in bed, awake. My body wanted sleep, but my mind was saying "Rob! Get back to the studio! Some fun and incredible celebrity/rock'nroll moments are just around the corner!"

After about an hour, I gave up and walked back to the studio.

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June 26th, 2005.

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