Foo Fighters

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And by then, the rain had really started to come down.

The band was hosting a dating game show.


Three very attractive women were answering questions in an attempt to win a date with a Roadie.

Always assess the prizes in a dating contest before you enter.


Sorry for the blurry photos. I had my flash turned off when the cameras were rolling. It seemed like the polite thing to do.


Speaking of lighting, you'll always know when you are in a TV studio, because every inch of the ceiling will be crammed with lights and equipment.

Whenever the action upstairs fell into a lull, I'd wander downstairs into Times square.

The rain had just stopped, and it was already crowded and remarkably warm outside.


At eight o'clock, the Foo Fighters started their acoustic show.

I had a fantastic seat.



Here is a rare photo into the MTV employee brake room.

What is on the TV? CSPAN. Go figure.



Because everyone on the staff was set to work crazy hours during this 24 hours of Foo broadcast, food was brought in. Drinks too. I've never seen so much Red Bull in my life.


Jane poses with a location consent card.

By entering these premises, you hereby consent to the cablecast, exhibition, webcast and any other use of your name, voice and likeness.

I've got to make some of these for myself. The baby's room could really use one.




The next segment featured the Foos playing party games with comics David Cross and Amy Poehler.

I was already a fan of David Cross, and watching him ad lib through the trivia quiz was just incredible. He was on a roll and he had the entire staff and crew laughing. 

Unfortunately, I decided to force-introduce myself after the show and ended up making an ass of myself.

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June 26th, 2005.

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