The Money you Could be Saving with Geico Costume

The Money you Could be Saving with Geico Costume

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The first contest of the season was on Thursday night, October 29th. It was a $500 costume contest hosted by NBA star Bobby Jackson and VH1 anchor Flavr Flav at the California Auto Museum in Sacramento. They advertised free admission to the first 150 people in costume before 10 p.m., but $40 after that. My costume looked great and I had hopes that I would be the only "supersized" costume in the room.

I arrived to an impressive line of about 80 people in costume. Unloading the costume, I rushed to get in line, but there was little need. They kept us waiting outside until almost 10:40 pm. Outside in line, the Geico money got plenty of attention and a few people came by to take photos. "Where's the music?" was a popular theme.


Here are two costumes which were painstakingly detailed copies of pretty obscure villians "triclops" and "trapjaw" from He Man cartoons.

Evil-Lyn was also with them.

Inside the party was lively. Everyone loved the Geico money, which worked to my advantage most of the time, eliciting help from strangers when I needed help negotiating a tunnel of webs.

The costume contest, which can signal the end of a party, was put off until 1 am.

Flavr really liked my costume! We attempted to talk a few times through a tiny viewport in my costume.

On stage, the costume contest was held in a manner perhaps best described as "chaotic".

The audience couldn't muster much enthousiasm at all for the costumes on stage, but they yelled loudest for the Geico money, and I won first prize- $500.

YES! YES! YEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesss!

Flavr even gave me a minute of microphone time for a victory speech.

The Money you could be saving at Geico, completed.

The Kiss Women got second place and Eric won third with his striking Halo costume.





I had $500 in hand.

Next up was the Exotic Zone Ball in Sacramento, with a $2,500 top prize.

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