Things I Figured Out: Reader Submissions.

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Spiders don't flush down the toilet because they are not heavy enough to break the surface tension on water. Place a piece of toilet paper over top of them before flushing.


Wheat Gluten is what makes bread nice and springy. It's a protein, and you can buy bags of it at the grocery store. Mix a couple tablespoons into your bread maker to make fluffier bread. You can also make a passable "fake meat" called seitan by mixing a whole bag of wheat gluten with water and salt (google for recipes). Because it's protein (just like muscle), it looks and feels a lot like a chicken breast.


If your toilet water is rising fast and you realize it is going to overflow. Quickly reach for the knob feeding the toilet water and turn it clock wise to stop the flow. It is usually wet due to condensation. But getting your fingertips wet is better than cleaning up an overflowed mess.


If you're a small person and hate having to be the one that moves off your walking line and make way all the time when you're walking and someone approches from the other direction, just dont make eye contact and you'll be surprised at how effective it is.


A "Natural" fruit flavouring in food is not necessarily manufactured from the fruit of which it tastes. A natural fruit flavouring is made of naturally occuring components that, when mixed together, taste like the fruit.
If you suspect someone likes to do a lot of cocaine, don?t let them borrow your CDs.


Your girlfriend says it's alright. It isn't. She's testing you.


Pick two of the following three (applies to most anything):
Fast - Good - Free


I discovered recently that the sky is blue because it reflects the colour of the sea. 


I discovered it is best not to over revise when preparing for exams. you end up finding more and more things that you didn't know but that you'l never need to know anyway and then you don't remember anything you need to actually do your exam. Unfortunate but true.


If you want to make yogurt, wine, or cheese but don't know where to get the proper kind of bacteria, simply put said product into milk or grape juice, it has the perfect bacterial ratio!


The phrase "up Shit Creek without a paddle" isn't just referring to a creek with the unlikely name of "Shit". It's referring to a creek filled with feces. Without a paddle, you'd have to put your hand in the feces to paddle anywhere.

Also, as one of your other visitors pointed out, the song "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus" used to bother me because she was cheating on her husband. I didn't figure that one out until 2 years ago and I'm 29 now. Duh.

As a guy, when peeing in a toilet at night, if you stop hearing splashing, pinch it off and turn on the light. You will not be able to recenter yourself 4 out of 5 times.

The reason most cartoons are so cute is the animators make the heads big, similar to a baby. They take advantage of our biological predispositions!

Pretty trite, but eventually I learned my dad knew a hell of a lot more than I thought, and I knew a hell of a lot less than I thought.

When gasoline flows downhill, there are invisible, ignitable vapours that flow quicker than the visible liquid. 

Also, roman candles are composed of alternating slowburning flares and fast burning explosive charges in a tube. Sometimes, in manufacturing, they'll miss a flare and put 2 explosive charges together. If you're holding it when 2 charges go off at once, the backfire can hurt.


The CTRL key on your computer has a myriad of uses. CTRL HOME goes to the top/beginning of almost any document, spreadsheet, or Internet entry box (like the "submit" box on this website). CTRL END goes to the end. CTRL Page Up and Page Down move between worksheets within an Excel spreadsheet. CTRL Enter gives you a page break. Love the CTRL key!


I've realized that state employees are lazy because it's not how hard you work that gets you promoted, it's the length of service. It's demotivating.


Don't just get a credit card. Get a job instead.

Waiting by the phone for someone to call is never a good idea and even if they call, makes one feel slightly gross.


there is intentionally an invisible arrow in the fedex logo. 


I discovered that Santa Claus enjoys a wide range of menu items that far exceed the standard Cookies and Milk.
Just because someone talks a lot about something doesn't mean they know a lot about it.
Ohio is a great state. 


I was a teenager before I figured out that Popeye is so named because of his missing (?) eye.
Somewhat similarly, a bartender tends the bar (as opposed to just serving drinks, as I always thought)


Girls like chocolate, jewelry, and flowers. Especially if it's a surprise.

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