The Fast Food Job Application Prank - Lori

Rob -

Sorry it's taken me so long, but I finally got the job apps out!  It was kind of strange - apparently fast food places around here (Indianapolis) are doing away with leaving out paper applications and going more with applying online or on the spot interviews.  Scoped out a variety of places and found they didn't have applications for me to just make a trade - damn. 


Anyhoo, today I went to Hardee's, hoping to have some luck - struck out there - they only have brochures, and the applications wouldn't fit in the brochure holder.  We turned around and left.  So then, my friend and I went to Taco Bell.  They didn't have a application holder either - but actually, it was better - today happened to be Career Day!  They'd set up a table and everything!  With a red carpet background!


An attempt to make it look as though Rock Stars and Movie Stars work at Taco Bell - so hey, pick up one of those wonderful Serv-Joy employment applications and get to fillin' it out!!  Score!

Pics are enclosed!


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April 29, 2009.
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