The Fast Food Job Application Prank - Wendy

Mission Accomplished. While the task at hand took more surveillance than I had anticipated I also have to admit I'm a horrible procrastinator and apologize that my response hasn't been more timely. The Wendy's we used was a perfect pick because the applications were in an entry way that wasn't part of the rest of the restaurant. That plus the fact that the kid working the counter looked like he was some sort of inbred zombie (not to be mean, it was fascinating actually) made this easy as pie to pull off. I was more worried about the other patrons who were more likely to notice what we were up to.  

We ate and headed out to the vestibule the application center was in. I split the pad in half to fill both sides so it didn't look empty. I quickly swiped the real applications and planted the fake ones. A couple of guys sitting right next to the window looked over a few times while we were making the switch. I tried to act as naturally as possible and never look directly at them, I didn't want to seem suspicious. All we needed to do now was get a quick picture and we were home free. Unfortunately, the batteries in our camera died (this happens frequently), no worries we brought backups! Wait, the backups aren't charged - crap! This was no time to panic and lingering here was going to gain attention so my wing man and I split up. I moved my car to the other side of the building so when we returned for the final picture it would be less conspicuous, he went next door for batteries. With fresh batteries we were ready to roll, we slipped back into the vestibule, snapped a few photos and were on our way. The fake applications looked right at home there in the display case. We giggled all the way home!

Thanks a ton, here are some pictures. It was fun.



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April 23, 2009.
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