The Fast Food Job Application Prank - Greykell

FINALLY I can use Moist's answer to Dr. Horrible when someone asks me how I'm doing.... "The usual, life of crime."

Today I wandered over to Wendy's to scope out the situation and see about placing your applications.  I was hoping to have at least one friend come with me to work as a distraction, but I was totally on my own so my photos are a little arbitrary. 

My Wendy's is here at Dobbin Center in scenic Columbia, Maryland.

I figured that at lunch time it'd be pretty busy and I'd have the least chance of being caught, but as it happens most of their business was in the drive through lanes.  This gave me an advantage in that most of the employees were incredibly busy filling orders, but the random people in the restaurant were a little harder to avoid.

I walked in and had to find the plastic holder with the applications.  In my Wendy's they were in a small hallway heading down towards the bathrooms so at least they weren't out where the employees behind the counter could conveniently see me.  I started out by taking the large pile of applications and putting them into only one of the two slots.  They weren't actually attached to a pad, they were just a pile of paper in two slots, so I took one out and read it very carefully.  I must have seemed like quite the picky jobless human.  Once it seemed like no one was paying much attention to me, I did a quick switch with the fake pad of apps (which I had subtly hidden under my hoodie and took the pile of official apps and rolled them up and headed for the bathroom.  Once inside I stuffed them down into my pant leg in hopes that I'd look completely innocent ... I suspect I failed mightily, but no one questioned me when I came out of the bathroom.

I leaned against the wall and pretended to look at the menu while also perusing the photos on my camera, when no one was looking I took one quick photo of the replaced apps and then headed for the line.  I was planning to eat lunch at Wendy's but the restaurant had become dramatically busier while I was occupied with the applications and after about 10 minutes of waiting for my order to be taken I just wandered on out of the restaurant.


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April 23, 2009.
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