The Fast Food Job Application Prank

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With one deft move I loaded their job applications rack with a new pad of comedy GOLD.

No one seemed to notice. I ducked into the men's bathroom.

After a minute, I re-emerged and got back into line to buy some lunch. Success!

My next stop was Jack in the Box on Folsom Boulevard and Zinfandel.

They dining room was empty. All of the employees were apparently busy with more important things than manning the cash register out front.

Tragically, they had no rack for the applications. I took my business elsewhere.

I was also out of luck at Burger King. They didn't have application racks either.

My next step was to visit Carl's Jr. This one is also on Sunrise Blvd. in Sacramento, north of highway 50. I was determined to make a little movie of my application placement. See the video below.

Although I arrived at noon, I had beaten the lunch rush. The place was packed with employees rushing around preparing for the busiest hour of their day.

The job application rack was right out in front, but in full view of the entire restaurant. One employee was clearing tables in the dining area. Every employee was extra perky for some reason. I had on my game face.

Sorry about the lingering crotch footage. I was just carrying my little Canon Powershot in my hand. Incredibly, it was completely ignored by everyone inside. This footage almost looks fake because no one so much as glances at the camera in my hand.

The tray shelf above the garbage can provided an excellent surface for my camera while I made the switch. There was no way that I was going to not be seed doing this, but I was hoping no one would investigate.

Everything went according to plan. After the switch I had to wait several tense minutes until my burger was ready. I guess I could have just abandoned the burger and left but come on. Those Western Bacon Cheeseburgers are really good.

My final pad of applications was destined for Jack in the Box.

I work right across the street from a Jack in the Box. I didn't prank that Jack in the Box. This is the one on Howe Avenue and Enterprise.

It was too easy. There wasn't an application holder, so I used this newspaper rack near the bathrooms.

The price difference between the medium and large size milkshakes at Jack in the Box is just 10 cents. I asked why that was and the cashier just stared at me.

Maybe one of their new employees can explain it to me. I hear the new applicants can answer damn near any question you throw at them.


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April 23, 2009.
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