The Fast Food Job Application Prank - Ben

Hey Rob,

I just completed the Fake Job Application prank.

There aren’t any Jack-in-the-Box locations near the Boulder area, so I decided on Arby’s as the target. I selected one far from my house (because you don’t prank where you eat… or something like that.)

On a very windy day, I approached the Arby’s, waiting for the lunch rush. When a few dozen people were inside, my accomplice and I entered the restaurant. She went to the front to order while I cased the area. Alas, there was no clear acrylic application rack on the wall. I had to find another way.

Luckily, there was one open horizontal surface in the restaurant. I surreptitiously placed the pad of applications on a tray-rack underneath a quality-feedback-card dispenser. I got a few strange looks from customers as I photographed the completed prank, but I was able to slip out unmolested.
So the prank was a success! Unfortunately, we’ll never be able to see the look on the face of the first applicant.

-Ben Shatz

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April 23, 2009.
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