The Shed Prank

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Home Depot, forced to lure customers inside without glitzy display windows, seed the warehouse perimeter with their products.  This is only practical with hard-to-shoplift items, such as bags of steer manure and storage sheds.

Unfortunately, these sun-baked displays are all but abandoned by the sales staff, and must rely on graphics and signage to speak to their potential customers.



Despite an ambitious number of signs, I felt my local home depot wasn't addressing some of the strongest benefits of owning a garden/storage/privacy shed/mini-garage/closet. I decided to make some new signs and try them out!

The signs were no-frills, 8 1/2 x 11 and laminated.

A few days later I posted some in a few of their nicer sheds.







Oh yeah! They looked great! I can't believe they had forgotten to include these top shed-selling benefits in their current signs.

These were totally going to sell some sheds!




I carefully selected a cross-section of sample stores and reached out for help in this market-research project.

With nine eager volunteers poised to help, I sent signs to try out across the country.


Sean, Ben, James, Ed, Mike, Justin, Alpha, Michelle and Tom each had slightly different experiences posting the signs.

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page Introduction | Sean | Ben | James | Ed | Mike | Justin | Alpha | Michelle | Tom

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June 27, 2008.

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