The Shed Prank

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Hey Rob,

Thanks for including me in this prank!

Saturday night around 10:30 p.m. I decided to head to Lowe's and scope out the scene for any outdoor sheds. I looked near the entrance by the lawn/gardening section, assuming they would be somewhere near that general area, but saw nothing. I then cruised past the front to the other side of the building, still nothing. As I was turning around towards the entrance, I saw them in all their tool storing glory. They were on the entrance side of the parking lot, but right in the middle of the parking spaces. The sheds were roughly 70 yards from the actual building, which is strange because there are no other products in the parking lot. They were difficult to spot, even if you're looking specifically for them.


They were getting ready to close at 11 p.m., so there was an employee on post at the entrance blocking any would be shoppers from entering. He had a clear view of me, so I tried to be inconspicuous. I even went to far as to pretend to compare shed sizes and prices, as well as pretend to be on the phone with someone to whom I was relaying the shed specificities. But, what I was actually doing was deciding which shed would be my victim. I picked the one with the best lighting, walked back to the Jeep and grabbed my necessary pranking gear.


The first thing I noticed was that the shed I picked came hard wired with outlets! Awesome! I slapped the "Escape from your Wife" sign on the vinyl wall, and snapped a few photos. I'm sure someone must have noticed the flash of the camera since it was so dark out. I contemplated taking the sign with me to add to my lot of collectibles, but figured it would better serve its purpose in life by amusing and confusing anyone who happened to see it in the shed. I plan on returning tomorrow to see if, by chance, the sign is still there.


I put my contraband back in the Jeep and noticed they were closed. I figured I'd run down the street to a different store and grab a few things I needed. After that, I could come back and take some pictures of the entrance, shed cluster, more signs, etc. after most of the employees left. However, upon returning to the scene, I noticed a police cruiser entering the parking lot and heading in the direction of the sheds. After I regained consciousness from the stroke I nearly suffered, I decided it was best to make a quick left turn and head back home. I'm sure the officer was merely making rounds, but that was enough to deter me from returning for the sake of a few more pictures.

Thanks again, Rob!
Another successful prank!

Justin Wiley
Carbondale, IL

please continue reading Alpha's story of the shed prank .

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June 29, 2008.

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