The Shed Prank

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Hi Rob! Here is how our home depot trip went.


Missy Jeremy and I set off to home depot on a grey Wednesday around 5:30pm.

We prepped the signs with double stick tape before we left, so we could stick em and run. Got to home depot and walked around the entire store, trying not to look too suspicious, but trying desperately to find a shed display.


We found one shed in a warehouse type part of the store. It was completely locked up. A worker who was loading plywood or something right near the shed said it was the only one they had. We thought we had completely failed our mission!

Walked outside and called Mrs. Cockerham for assistance. While on the phone, we spotted a tiny lonely shed outside in the front of the store. We went over to inspect it, and sure enough, it had a door that opened and closed and was just itching to be made over.

Jeremy stood watch while Missy and I went in, closed the door, and filled the shed with new and improved signs.

Jeremy informed us that a home depot employee walked by while we were inside, but did not even glance at the shed.



We took pictures, all are included here.

Thanks for including me! It was a lot of fun!

please continue reading Tom's story of the shed prank .

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June 27, 2008.

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