The Shed Prank

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Friday the thirteenth might seem an inauspicious day to take on the corporate giant Home Depot, but I was not one to let the calendar come between me and my mission. It went down like this:

Pheonix Oregon

Taking the signs you prepared with me, I bravely drove into the parking lot and cased the joint. Just as your instructions predicted, there they were: A row of storage sheds. Innocent. Unaware. Unblemished other than the signs containing the information Home Depot thought important to impart to prospective owners.

You were right. More information was needed. The buying public needs to know.

I parked. Exited my vehicle. Approached the sheds. Halfway there. Whew. So far so good. (I'd parked several car lengths away so I wouldn't be limited in my choice of photo angles.)

I arrived at the sheds and struggled to unstick the signs from each other. Succeeding, I stuck the signs on the sheds, took some pictures, and went away. Sadly, I was not arrested; I was not ejected from the Home Depot grounds; I was not forbidden to darken their door again. I had to decide myself when to leave. Sigh.


Ben Truwe
Medford, Oregon

please continue reading James's story of the shed prank.

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June 27, 2008.

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