The Shed Prank

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A deadline was approaching and it was time to act. We had to put our placards on the sheds at Home Depot. It was time to move out.


Rather than take our Aston Martin Convertible, we decided that a trip to a home center was best done in a home-center type of vehicle. We would need a stinky and dirty cargo van. Fortunately, my fleet includes one of those, just for operations like this. Into the Van Agent Sarah! Let's Go!

The trip to home depot was an unfamiliar one to me. You see, as a top agent, I rarely plunge my own toilet. Super spies do not have wives that flush dental floss every day and then wonder why the toilet backs up. Instead I spend my days playing casino games and flying helicopters around the estate of movie starlets. Fortunately for us all, I used the GPS installed inside my shoelace to find the nearest home center.

We arrived at The Home Depot in Madison Heights Michigan at precisely 3:02 PM. Our operatives on the "inside" told us at 3:00 PM the hot dog cart throws out the hot dog water from lunch and uses a fresh batch for dinner, Home Depot employees are offered 1/2 price weiners. We figured the rush that would ensue would buy us some time.

What our agent had failed to mention was that this Home Depot did not have outdoor sheds. We would have to go... inside.

Once inside we realized something about international commerce. Plastic sheds are quickly dominating the home shed market. In fact, in our area, they took up all of the floor space. We figured that plastic sheds would make a fine target for this victimless prank. We proceeded with the revised mission.


I placed the first placard. Agent Sarah the second. This was Sarah's first trip on one of my missions, but she was well recommended. Sarah can smash a watermelon with her face, so I figured we could escape quickly if things got ugly.

(Insulated Walls keep interior cool and muffle amorous noises)

The final placard was a slap in the face of the Home Depot Corporation. We placed it upon the tool storage locker that employees in the garden section use daily. With this bit of humor, we expect to liberate the employees of this organization.


Our work there was done. We made a quick getaway.

Remember kids, when you are fighting evil, humor is your best weapon. Thanks for the mission. Let me know when we can be of further service!


A success! The signs were well-placed, and should influence a lot of purchases! I'll check back after the summer and find out how summer shed sales went!

Thanks everyone who helped!

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June 29, 2008.

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