Eating In

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On Thursday morning, I started the morning with a hot mug of peanut oil.

No, wait, it was coffee.

I needed mayo to make a good lunch, so I stopped on the way home for lunch and bought some mayo and two cans of turkey chili. Chili and mayo. Sounds like a meal straight out of hell.

The total was $8.89 and it took about 5 minutes to get out of the store. The cashier let me use her club card.

I made a turkey and smoked provolone sandwich. I ate it with a pear and OJ.

I was a little late getting back to work.

When I got home from work, I enjoyed a diet vanilla Coke while I was cooking ravioli.

These were frozen ravioli from the freezer section. It doesn't take many ravioli to fill me up.

It took 4 minutes, 35 seconds to wash the dishes.

February 13th, 2004
February 13th was a Friday. I had coffee in the morning.

When lunchtime came, I was hungry for some chili and crackers. If this meal had any more salt in it, it would probably be white.

I had some diet vanilla coke to go with it.

Before I headed back to work, I had a banana.

For Dinner I had three frozen burritos with salsa and orange juice.

They required 7 minutes to prepare. Washing the three dishes took about a minute and a half.

I made another beer run in anticipation of Melanie coming over to help with "How much is Inside Planter's Mixed Nuts". I already had the nuts.

The total was $13.80

Elise and Stephen came over to see Melanie, and to help count nuts.

After Melanie left for Shaun's gig in Folsom, I baked a Red Baron Supreme Pizza.

Steve and Elise don't enjoy sausage and pepperoni, so I scooted them over to my side of the pie.

February 14, 2004
On Saturday morning I had coffee. On the way home from a pleasant shopping experience, I spotted Amber, Melanie and Marian on their way to Taco Loco. I went along with them, but didn't eat there.

I was really starting to miss eating out.

I came home and invested 7 minutes 33 making myself a turkey and provolone sandwich with a pear and a diet vanilla coke.

It took 1 minute, nine seconds to wash the dishes.

Not every valentine's date would be happy with homemade lasagna, but I think most would be. Stacy certainly was.

I made a special 15-minute lasagna-related shopping trip to Safeway.


While the month was going on, I really didn't take into account what a boring story it would make. If I had, I would definitely have eaten more octopus, marshmallow kebabs, marzipan and sweet meats.
If all of this is putting you to sleep, you should just skip to the end, where the grand summary is located.

It took an hour and fifty minutes to prepare the lasagna. If there was every a time for the "kiss the cook" apron, this was it.

Stacy and I shared lasagna with some red wine.

On the way to see Big Fish at the theatre, I realized I needed to buy candy at a store and sneak it into the theater, so we stopped at AmPm and bought two packs of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

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