Eating In

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On Saturday morning, I woke up and had some delicious hot coffee.

There was a sale on coffee and mixed nuts at Long's Drugs, so I headed down to the new store on K St.

On the way I found the Buy 2 get 1 free sign lying pitifully in the gutter, still tethered to its tree. I dusted it off and stood it back up again. The sign has been there for about 5 months.

I didn't intend to eat the Planter's nuts when I took this photo of the Longs trip. The Coffee was $4.30, and the nuts were $5.

I was still eating like a king after the trip to Trader Joe's.

I had a smoked salmon and provolone sandwich, with slices of kiwi meat fruit and pear juice.

Because I seared the salmon in a pan, it took 15 minutes, 21 seconds to put this meal together.

For dinner, I had Chicken, Pasta and guava juice, which took 29 minutes to prepare.

Dishwashing took four minutes.

Cooking dinner at home can be as simple as heating up a frozen dinner in the microwave, or it can consist of homemade cranberry yogurt and stuffed peppers, homemade apricot chutney and venison sausage ravioli.

I have never been sure if my disinterest in cooking was fueled by a disinterest in food, or if my disinterest in food was fueled by a disinterest in cooking.

 February 22nd, 2004
On Sunday morning I woke up and had two cups of hot coffee and yogurt with apple.


For lunch I made myself another Salmon and Cheese sandwich with Kiwi fruit and diet coke. It took 8 minutes, 2 seconds to prepare the sandwich, 8 minutes, 38 seconds to clean the dishes, including cleaning the stovetop.

That night, Stacy and I made a run to Safeway to pick up ingredients for two mixed nut pies. 

The ingredients were $6.47

I had some of the ingredients already, including this Stone Buhr Unbleached White Flour

There aren't many things more exciting than arriving home from work to find a big bag of flour in your mail, especially when it is Stone Buhr.. the best!

I highly recommend* Stone Buhr Unbleached White Flour for your pie and cake-baking needs.

It took 2 hours to mix and bake the two pies...
And while they were in the oven, I made some tuna pasta for dinner.
February 23rd, 2004
On Monday morning I had some coffee before work.

I didn't seem to be able to bring my lunch to work, so again, I came home and made a sandwich. It was chicken with mustard and munster cheese. 

After work I went on yet another shopping trip, this time to Safeway.

I spent $27.28 on groceries in 30 minutes. I tried to buy just enough groceries to get me though until the end of the month.

For the last six days of the month, I was going to be trying to finish up my stock of groceries, making second-choice meals with my cache of unused groceries.

For dinner I prepared some pasta with marinara sauce.


February 24th

I ate one turkey sandwich for lunch and wrapped the other one up in aluminum foil.

Tim gave Stephen and I tickets to the Kings/Knicks game, and I thought I'd have to leave immediately after work, leaving no time for preparing dinner at home, so finally, for the first time all month, I prepared a sandwich to go.

As it turned out, I had enough time to go home after work and ate the sandwich there. Stephen and I arrived punctually at Arco Arena to see the game.

While there, I lapsed from my eating-in schedule and had two cups of beer.
Arena beer definitely falls into the "eating out" category. It also falls into the "more precious than diamonds" category.

After the game, I heated up some freezer burritos with salsa.

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