Eating In

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On Monday, February 9th, I brought coffee and a cup of noodles to work.

I forgot to pack my lunch again, so I came home for lunch and made a turkey and jack cheese sandwich. I also had two caramel hohos and a diet vanilla coke.

I had a banana when I got home from work.

That evening,  I cooked myself a steak with pasta.

I spent 24 minutes cooking it...

..and 4 minutes 30 to wash the dishes.
Yes. A stopwatch.

Throughout the month I was amazed at how little time the dishwashing took. I was trying to keep track of the time I spent washing them, so I never let them build up. It was definitely the way to do things.


February 10th, 2004
On Tuesday I had coffee and a pear for breakfast.

For lunch I had a can of Campbell's Select Soup, crackers, diet vanilla Coke and two caramel hohos.

At the end of the work day, Dave got me a Coke from the corner store. I came home and drank it while watching the Kings/Bucks game.
For dinner I had Pesto Pasta, a pear and two beers.
February 11, 2004
On February 11th, I started the day with coffee.

I came home for lunch, but I was all out of mayonaise, so I had a pesto and turkey sandwich. The pesto did not make a good sandwich spread. I also had a cup of soup and a glass of orange juice.


It was going to be my turn to bring beer over to Tom's for Thursday's basketball game, so I bought a twelve pack of Heineken at Albertsons. It was $17.75.

I had two burritos with salsa and orange juice for dinner.

Please continue to February 12th.

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