Eating In

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On Friday, February 6th had coffee and an apple for breakfast.

I drink cheap coffee at home. It costs about 8 a cup.

For lunch I ate leftover tuna pasta and chick peas (garbanzo beans). I don't think eating a can of garbanzo beans in a bowl is the best way to enjoy them.

I also had diet lime coke.

I spent 2 minutes washing dishes and 2 minutes cleaning the microwave.

For dinner, I had some of the Bombay potatoes that Mike had made. It was very spicy, but luckily, there was a basketball game on, so I was able to wash down the spice with some beer.

Four of these were mine.

February 7th, 2004

On Saturday, started the day with Berry Blast Cheerios and coffee.

There aren't many foods that have the word "Blast" in the title. Kim Chee Blast and Sausage Blast are the only two that I can think of off the top of my head.

Mark and Stacy were in town, so Mark and I went to Fry's electronics. 

On the way home, I was really hungry.  I would have preferred to have eaten something from a drive-thru, but I had to get home and make something, or it would have ruined the experiment.

We stopped at the Asian Food Center on Broadway and I bought some ramen, Apples and Pocky.

The total was $6.39, and the shopping took about 18 minutes.

Mark and I used one package of ramen for the how much is inside ramen story.


For lunch I had Wolfgang Puck Soup, crackers and water.

For dinner I had pieces of another Red Baron Combination Pizza. This time I made sure I didn't burn it.

February 8th, 2004
On Sunday morning, I woke up and had a Turkey and Jack Cheese Sandwich with slices of apple. With coffee.

This marked the beginning of my second week of eating in. I was a little bit proud of myself, although now, looking back, that isn't very impressive!

For lunch I had pasta with tomato sauce and green beans. 

It took 14 minutes to boil the water and 15 minutes, 41 seconds to prepare the pasta and beans.

That night I went shopping again, to the Raley's on Freeport. It was late at night, around 11pm I think. 

I bought some treats, like Oreos, Caramel Hohos, Seattle's Best coffee and exotic pears.

The shopping trip took 32 minutes. I spent $66.55.

Please continue to February 9th.

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