Eating In

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On Tuesday the 3rd, I started the day with a cup of coffee. Black coffee and hot showers are two things that truly make going to work in the morning possible.

For lunch I came home again.

I intended to bring lunch to work, but I never planned ahead, so I ended up coming home again and again.

I had also forgotten to buy bread, so I couldn't make a sandwich.

I had steak, green beans and orange juice for lunch.

It took 20 minutes and 6 seconds to prepare, a few minutes to eat and three minutes to wash the dishes.

I ate a pear at work, but only had time for a Cup of Noodles that evening before heading over to Tom and Amy's to watch the Kings/Supersonics game on television.

This involved some beer. 

When I got home, I was still hungry, so I ate some avocado on crackers.

February 4th, 2004
On Wednesday, I woke up and had some coffee. I also made myself a Cup Noodles and ate it at my desk at work.

For lunch I had chili and crackers again.

I was determined to start making my lunch, so I went shopping after work and bought bread and lunchmeats.

This second shopping trip was at Albertson's and took 20 minutes.

The total was $15.01.

Albertson's has a shopping club card, but I never bring one. I always tell the cashier that I didn't bring it, and follow her directions.

That night I made Ravioli with tomato sauce, green beans and diet lime Coke.

Washing the dishes from lunch and dinner took 4 minutes and 49 seconds.

February 5, 2004
On Thursday I had coffee and a cup of soup for breakfast.

As many readers have probably discerned by now, I maintain a strict vegan diet. I have found that it helps slow the spread of hypochondria. Other people might disagree with me here, because there isn't a lot of scientific support for my lifestyle, but for me it works. I've been off of both placebos and sugar pills for more than 4 months now, and I couldn't feel better.


I finally had everything I needed for sandwiches, but still I hadn't brought lunch to work.

I went home, made a turkey sandwich and ate it with a pear and diet Coke.

Three minutes of dishwashing.

For dinner I made tuna pasta again, with more diet Coke. Five minutes of dishwashing.

Later, I went over to Anna, Amanda & Stacy's and had some cherry squares and beer.

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