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February 28th was Saturday.

It was more enjoyable to cook at home on the weekend, and I was excited to be in the home stretch of this experiment.

For breakfast, I had instant ramen noodles and coffee.

For lunch, I had a turkey sandwich with kiwi fruit and juice.

For dinner, I made tuna pasta again.

My sister Jane makes fun of my affinity for tuna pasta. It is definitely my default choice for dinners cooked at home, and as the month drew to a close, It was the best option for an easy, delicious dinner.

To celebrate the end of this month of eating-in, and Amanda's new job, I picked up two bottles of champagne at Safeway.


Picking out the Piper Sonoma Blanc de Noir and Martini & Rossi Asti took about 5 minutes.  My total was $27.45. This was really the last shopping trip of the month.
February 29th, 2004
On Sunday, February 29th, there was a special feeling in the air.. probably because it was leap year, and this day is the rarest of them all.

I woke up to a cup of coffee and a slice of mixed nut pie.

For lunch I had a grilled cheese sandwich, an apple and grapefruit soda.

And finally, for dinner, I finished the month out by eating one last plate of tuna pasta!
When the month was finally over, I had dozens of photos,  17 shopping receipts, and tables full of numbers.

During the 29 days of February, I spent $335 on food and drink, or $11.55 per day.  

This was a higher total than I expected, partially due to the $84 beer and champagne total for the month. Not including the booze, my total for the month was $250.95 ($8.65 per day).

Shopping calculated out to an average of 8 minutes per day. Cooking took 32 minutes per day, and a lot of that time wasn't dedicated to cooking, it was sitting on the couch, watching Junkyard Wars, waiting for water to boil or for the microwave to ding.

Cleaning up while eating at home didn't take long: An average of just 6 minutes per day.

Eating in all month didn't take nearly as much time and effort as I had expected. The temptation to visit a drive-thru was powerful, and there were definitely some times when it would have been nice to go out eating with a group of friends. The experience was fun, because it turned part of every day into an experiment.

I certainly could have eaten my way through the month for less than $335, but I wouldn't enjoy trying to hold myself to the maximum one-person monthly allotment of food stamps in the U.S. ($141).


On March 1st, I began eating all of my meals out at restaurants. I'll report on that sometime in April.

This may sound a lot like another experiment that has been in the news, a gut-wrenching attempt by Morgan Spurlock to eat all of his meals at McDonalds for a month, but it was actually inspired by daily "tonight for dinner I ate..." emails from John Latham of


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March 30, 2004.  

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