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On Wednesday morning I had coffee...with sugar.

I came home for lunch, but I was completely out of bread. Almost all of my lunches in February were out of a can or between two pieces of bread. I forgot to take a photo of my chili lunch until after the bowl was empty. 

This is a huge faux pas among of food photographers.

For dinner I had a lot of lasagna, finishing the leftovers.

Some dinners are big enough to yield tomorrow's lunch. Larger dinners can be eaten for three or four days. There are probably some meals that could be eaten for 10 days, but beyond that, I think bacteria would take over.

I made a short trip to Albertson's to get some bread and other essentials: $10.25.

The trip took 11 minutes.

When I told the cashier that I didn't have my Albertson's club card, the shopper behind me in line volunteered hers.

February 19th, 2004
On Thursday, I drank coffee in the morning. 

For lunch I celebrated my new bread by having a turkey and smoked provolone sandwich. I also had a diet lime Coke and my last apple.

For dinner I made a grilled cheese sandwich. 

I wasn't in the mood to make anything else, but it turned out to be not quite enough food.

February 20, 2004
On Friday morning I had some coffee and a granola & yogurt bar.

An iced mocha is the breakfast version of a milkshake, and these yogurt bars are the breakfast version of a candy bar.

I can't wait until there is a breakfast version of the ice cream cone, buttered popcorn and cotton candy.

For lunch I had 3 thawed burritos, salsa and a coke.
After work I ate two cups of strawberry banana yogurt. They tasted fantastic! 

Everyone should try Lucerne brand Strawberry Banana yogurt. Especially if they like the taste of bubblegum.

A little later I visited the new Trader Joe's Market on Folsom Blvd around 40th. It was my first time there. 


Trader Joe's has an interesting inventory of food choices, and they have a reputation for selling good, yet healthy foods... a sort of semi-co-op.

Unlike a traditional U.S. grocer, they sell apples in a clear clamshell box.

Two competing companies in New Jersey produce plastic apple boxes like this, one is called Apple-vault, and the other is called Fruit-Keeper

I'm going to invent one and market it under the name Cyber-peel 990.

They don't ask you to carry a club card at Trader Joe's, but they do ask you for your zip code when you check out.

I used a fake one, but I guess it was too fake, because she then asked "is that your real zip code?".

I answered, "No".

My total at Trader Joe's was $25.61 and the trip took about 35 minutes.

I had pre-packaged spicy California rolls and guava juice for dinner.

I really like sushi.



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March 28, 2004.  

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