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Hi Rob-

I finally got paid for the month, and was ready to dine out. Here's my report
on the Friday's menu mission:

We headed to the TGI Friday's in Thornton, Colorado on 9-3-04 at about 7pm.
When we arrived at the address, I wasn't entirely sure that we had the right
place. This was evidently a new-fangled Friday's, trying really hard for a
retro look (see pictures). The sky was dark and ominous, with big spiky
lightning bolts. The restaurant glowed red. A sign above the door
proclaimed "In here, it's always Friday."

Apparently most of Colorado was thanking God it was indeed Friday, because
there was a crowd milling about in front of the restaurant. Kids were climbing
on the sign. We were handed a slip of paper bearing #34. The "now serving"
display went from 31, to zero, to 60...

I snapped some pictures of the front of the place during the half-hour we
waited. I was most impressed by the Freaky Friday door handles. Just after I
took a shot of Ian perusing the menu in the lobby, I was approached by not one,
but two managers. They politely informed me that store policy prohibits the
taking of pictures inside the restaurant. They blamed this on a concern
for "restaurant espionage," and joked that we might have been sent by Chili's
to infiltrate them. I'm not kidding. I wonder if this means you can't even take
pictures of your kid's birthday party, but I didn't ask.

Once inside, with camera stowed, we looked around at the random objects on the
walls. Friday's Fact #12 from the menu had informed us that the "Americana" on
the walls of the restaurant can take up to 18 months to collect, and 5 days to
hang. The first thing that caught my eye was a Fallout Shelter sign. I was a
little sad that Cold War memorabilia qualifies as Americana. Ian called my
attention to the ad for classic "NuGrape" soda behind me. I was soothed.

We were seated in an open area with about 7 other tables. I wasn't worried
about the servers catching me in the act, but I did wonder for a moment if one
of the other diners might report my suspicious actions. I put the menu on the
chair next to me and stuffed the replacement page inside just before Samantha
brought our drinks. None of our fellow diners reported me as a potential
terrorist. No one seemed to notice.

I had the Jack Daniels chicken and shrimp. Ian had the Cajun shrimp. Both
dishes were quite tasty, with the exception of my vegetables (a foul
squash/zucchini/pepper/mushroom/onion mixture garnished with a fibrous stem).

All of the cheerful servers wore Hawaiian print shirts. As we were leaving, I
talked to the guys whose job it is to stand and hold open the front doors.
Apparently Friday's makes them buy those shirts with their own money and
doesn't reimburse them. Downright criminal.

We had a good time. Thanks for the opportunity to be a restaurant spy. I've
attached the pictures I got before they shut us down.


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September 19, 2004.

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