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Tom P. was the fourth person to pull the switch, in Warwick, Rhode Island.


Mission accomplished!  Last night my dining companion (who has been sworn to secrecy) and I visited the tastefully redecorated TGI Fridays at 989 Centerville Road in Warwick, RI.  The menu page swap went off without a hitch!  I couldn't believe how easy it was!  Suckers!  Serves them right, too, because my Boneless Buffalo Chicken was cold.  Michele's veggie burger was a culinary delight, though she didn't really care for the wine.  We weren't really sure what went best with a veggie burger, she opted for the red.  We'll know better next time.  Anyway, I've attached a photo of the devilish deed in action, please don't let it fall into the wrong hands.  Let's do Denny's next! 
Tom P. 
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September 19, 2004.

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