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Eric S. was the next person to deliver a new menu page.
Hey Rob!

Mission accomplished! I planted one at the "1310 S. Longmore St. Mesa, AZ 85202" location. It's a relatively busy location, which is usually full during happy hours. It's directly across the street from a big mall, in a strip mall, as to get plenty of diverse traffic. 

I'd received the menu the afternoon of Monday August 2nd, which also happened to be my birthday! Hence, the balloon picture. So a couple of very trustworthy friends, my wife and I went there to have a couple of drinks and dinner. We were seated kind of in the back, out of easy eyeshot. We ordered drinks, did some surveillance, and I slid the new over the old. It looked *perfect*. You did an excellent job. We watched the menus after the waitress had taken our food order, and before we had left, another table of people not too far from us got the menus. They seemed like they might have been followers of the Atkins craze, but we saw no odd reactions by the time their orders had been taken. Success! It is in the loop. Also, I noticed you sent a pic of a watermelon, and a small bumper sticker shaped card with "Safe it UP!" on it. I planted the watermelon card in one of those clear plastic advertising thingys in the center of every table in most of the restaurants on the planet. That fit perfect as well. I didn't find an appropriate place for the safe it up card, though. Then the whole staff sang happy birthday, TGI style. Ugh. Nothing like feeling like a giant ass in a crowded restaurant. :)

I'm honored to have taken part. If you need anything else in Phoenix or the surrounding areas, feel free to call on me. Woohoo!!


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September 19, 2004.

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