Restaurant Menu - Taylor W.

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Taylor W. was the first person to install a new menu page at TGI Fridays.

He completed the job even before I had!

Woo, it sure was fun but im glad it's all over.

I got your false menu in the mail today and made preparations to head out to TGI Fridays. I went to the one in Tigard, OR next to the Washington square mall. I kept the menu tucked into my shirt.


It was a Monday afternoon so I didn't expect it to be very busy. I thought maybe that would be best. Not many people around to nark me out, and i can keep track of the waitress better. 

Turns out I was a little mistaken. It was pretty empty in there, but she ended up sitting us right across from the only other people in the joint. So there wasn't much for them to look at besides us. Also, with such a small amount of customers. The waitress was always kind of floating around.

 She would walk away and i would flip to the atkins page. But she kept walking back towards the table.


Eventually I got pretty close and was about to get it in. Picture 7 is about at that time. Then.....Tragedy! While trying to force the bottom corner of the page into the menu i bumped my glass of water. No! Water went everywhere and i wasn't even able to get the menu all the way in. It happened about 3 seconds after picture 7 was taken. While we were waiting for her to clean it up we moved across to a empty booth. Picture 8 is a view from our new booth, looking at the discarded table. The booth provided some cover and we were able to get the page in. And i made sure to leave the waitress a hefty tip. So Mission accomplished. It wasn't exactly incognito, but i got the job done

Taylor Ward

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September 19, 2004.

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