Restaurant Menu - Jeff K.

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Jeff deposited the next menu at TGI Friday's in Lone Tree, CO

We got there for the Saturday night dinner rush. I was a little nervous at first, because they sat us outside right next to the windows, so I wasn't able to see who was looking out at me. In addition to the menu booklet, there was also another loose insert with it. I hid your menu behind the insert to cover it up, and worked it's way into the jacket. It was a tight fit, but it went in without an real issues. It took some adjusting to get it to cover up the original menu, but it looked great once it was there. I wish I could have got some photos inside, but I didn't want to look too suspicious.

The menu itself was great though... I really liked the fauxtatoes!!



Thanks Jeff!
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September 20, 2004.

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