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James wrote from Atlanta:



I placed your new menu at the midtown Fridays here in Atlanta tonight (7/18). I didn't have any trouble getting it in the menu, but unfortunately I wasn't able to get a photo. I was lucky enough to be seated where I could see the hostess' stand, so I could follow my menu back to the stack, and then follow which table it went to next. Nothing out of the ordinary happened at the second table, so either they didn't notice it or didn't read it carefully enough. I was really hoping to hear them order the fauxtatoes, too...

As always, great website.


Nathan visited a TGI Fridays in Grandville, Michigan:

The menu was placed last week at the Grandville, MI restaurant. 

It was pretty easy. I wish there was something exciting to say about it. We probably could have taken a few photos of the actual switch, but we didn't want to get caught due to brashness. We have told a few friends to keep an eye on their menus if they go there. I will let you know if we hear anything. 

Thanks for letting us take part in the prank.



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September 19, 2004.

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