The Money you Could be Saving with Geico Costume

The Money you Could be Saving with Geico Costume

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A view of the interior of the corrogated plastic box zip-tied to the PVC harness.

With a second box on top of the first, I cut a little semi-circle to peek out of.

It was light, but it felt dodgy. I added a bunch of reinforcing zip-ties.

With two sweet lenses finished, I needed to cut them out of their squares, leaving only the round part. I practiced on one of my sample sheets, using a fine-toothed jigsaw blade. Cracked it.

I quizzed the shop worker at Tap Plastics and asked what he recommended for cutting. He let me know the secret to keeping the plastic from cracking was to limit the amount of sawing vibration transferred to the plastic sheet.

I tried a few more times, cushioning the plastic in various ways, but always ended up with cracks.

I didn't want to use a hot wire to cut it, because I knew it take forever to cut through this thicker plastic, and I knew the path would be a jagged mess instead of a smooth arc. But, it was better to be safe than sorry, so I cut them with the hot wire.

(more on hot wire cutting on the See's Candy Costume)


I used disposable plastic plates for the pupils, glued them to white foamcore circles and hot glued the clear dome on top.


Bam! Giant googlie eyes.

These things would look sweet mounted just about anywhere.

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