Costume: Paparazzi 2

Costume: Paparazzi 2

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It would work. The heads, cameras and flashes would all be firmly attached to the pvc chassis. Now I just had to make 12 of them.

Production began.

After about three heads, I got lazy and failed to completely clean out the expanding foam nozzle. I was left with a mostly-full can of expanding foam with no way to get it out.

I tried prying it open.

That didn't work.

It erupted with expanding foam, getting all over my face, hair shirt and hands. Also, the gazebo netting, the table and four chairs. This was a disaster.

With a few more heads completed, I started to notice that the styrofoam heads might not be the best material. They were shrinking!

I tried paper mache.
No longer a newspaper user, I checked out the fiberfill insulation available at Home Depot. This was definitely an option at just $8 a bale.

Instead of jumping into shredded newspaper, I tried one with traditional paper strips, stuffing them into the mold. I have seen a documentary showing men lining the interior of a similar mold to make a clothing designer's dress form, so I figured it would work ok, even though I couldn't see exactly where the paper is going.

It worked, but it was difficult to get air circulated into the enclosure, so drying took almost two full days.

I began looking for another paper mache recipe.

While the newspaper head was drying, I concentrated on building the harness which would hold all the heads. I bent more PVC pipes.

Notice my hair is shorter in this photo? That's because I had to cut the foam out of it.

I wanted the heads to be arranged in a jumbled arch around my face.

I wanted the heads appear as if in a crowd, so the construction ended up a little haphazard.

It looked a little like a rack of antlers.

And here is my completed menorah costume.

I found a recipe for cheap paper mache clay on ultimate paper

It required toilet paper, white glue, flour, joint compound and linseed oil.

  • a roll of toilet paper
  • 3/4ths cup of white glue
  • 1 cup joint compound
  • 2 Tablespoons of linseed oil
  • 1/2 cup flour

I couldn't find linseed oil available in a container smaller than a gallon, so I just left that out.

I shredded the toilet paper and soaked it.

Then I squeezed out the water..

...and tore it into shreds.

I added the rest of the ingredents and blended it all together.

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