Costume: Paparazzi 2

Costume: Paparazzi 2

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This would probably be better with chocolate chips.

The paper mache clay had a really nice consistancy. Solid, smooth and very white. It pressed into my mold easily.

The hardest part was matching the two halves together and pressing enough paper clay into the seam.


Here's a shot of one of the shrinking foam heads. This isn't a stretched image.

Over the course of 10 days, four of my first heads shrunk like this, like a shrivelled apple core.

Luckily, a couple of the heads had held their shape. The heads which had been formed from the densest foam had been able to keep their shape.

The paper mache clay mold worked. The head had a nice shape, and the ingredients were cheap, but it took almost three days to dry in the mold. Too long.

It had a nice weight to it and seemed very sturdy. I'd remember this recipe for other purposes, but it wasn't right for this project.

Not satisfied with the speed of head production, I sculpted a second head out of clay.

I followed the same method to cover this one in silicone. I covered it in a single piece this time.

Cutting a puck of silicone

Placing the silicone puck.

Smoothing the silicone puck.


when the silicone was dry (the next day) I cut my seperation line.


This worked pretty well, and I soon had two head molds in working order.

To help keep the heads from shrinking, I filled them in layers, allowing the bottom layer to harden before adding more foam.

With two molds in service, I was able to churn out 12 heads pretty quickly. I also used the paper mache heads.

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