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Getting Started, Edits and Printing to Custom Wedding Maps

Getting Started
All I need is 1. the name of your wedding venue, 2. the name of your reception venue, and 3. the name of your hotel(s).

I'll look up those locations on Google maps and use that as a template for the map.

Also, you'll have to pay.

Occasionally, the wedding venue and the reception venue are more than 30 miles away from one another, and they really can't be attractively represented on the same map. This is rare, but if it is the case with your wedding, you should order two maps... and that is going to cost you another twenty-seven bucks. $33 + $27 = $60. Another option is to just leave off the reception site, hotel or the wedding site.

When I'm done drawing the first draft of the map, I'll email you a .pdf file or .jpg. You are welcome to give me changes and suggestions on the image itself or typed into an email.

Don't worry about demanding a dozen changes, but try your best to get all the changes into the first request. It's your wedding, so I expect you to be particular about what you want, but I prefer to make six changes in one attempt than six changes in six attempts.

I worked for a small printer a few years ago. We printed packaging, cards, calendars, catalogs, guides, brochures and wedding invitations.

For artwork on a wedding invitation, we used .eps files, so that's what I'll supply. I will send a .pdf for you to review, because you might not have the proper software to open an .eps.

Whoever is printing your wedding invitations will be able to print from an .eps, as well as adjust tiny things that aren't printing correctly. The printer should supply a proof for all the parts of your invitation, including the map. Be sure to check the printer's proof to make sure every change is represented on the final printed maps.

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