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  24. What Inane thing did your Husband Buy?
  25. A Silent Version
  26. Reupholstery Photos From Cloth to Leather in the Honda Pilot
  27. What is the Actual Clearance?
  28. Where did you find your keys?
  29. Mailbag: How Much is a Trip to Europe?
  30. Buying the Invisible Car
  31. Roundup Herbicide Photographs
  32. Mischief Maker's Manual : A Review
  33. My Illustrated World of Warcraft Diary
  34. Tom ran the Boston Marathon!
  35. I stepped on a nail
  36. The Internet Excuse Database
  37. Mustang crash on Watt Avenue
  38. What scared you as a child?
  39. Replacing mercury amalgam dental fillings
  40. Introducing the real baby Ferris
  41. Hooray! The New Baby has Arrived!
  42. Rats! I crashed my car!
  43. A boy! Baby due November 21st!

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Custom Maps for Weddings and Other Events

Have you ever heard of pirates leaving a list of directions to find their treasure? No. They don't write down directions. They make maps. Like precious pirate treasure, your special event deserves a custom map, and I'm just the person to draw it for you.

For me, making maps is easy! Let me make one for you!

Clear, simple maps to guide guests to your wedding and reception.

Brides, Grooms and Event Planners
I'll work from a crowded, low-resolution Google map & transform it into an attractive illustration to accompany your wedding or event invitation.

Check out the Google map below. It's great for the web, jammed with colors and information, rendered onscreen at 72 dots per inch:

Google Map
Wedding Invitation Map

But a typical road map won't work for your wedding invitation. You need a "line-drawing", an .eps file of simplified, vector-based artwork.

Google Map
Wedding Invitation Map

Why So Affordable?

First among the questions which I anticipate will be asked frequently, (QWIAWBAFs) is why are you producing custom maps for just $55 $33?

Answer: Although you can hardly buy a custom made jack-o-lantern for that tiny sum of money, $55 is just the beginning of the income stream for me. I'll sell you this map for $55, then sell the same map to ten other couples in the next two years. That's $550 for a few hours' work. Potentially it's a real cash monster!

Event Venues Owners
Save your guests from using a crappy screen grab of MapQuest to guide guests to your temple, banquet hall or rose garden. Enlist me to create a full color or black-ink map in a format best for printing (eps file).

People are more dependant than ever on smart phones and GPS, but can you depend on that technology to guide people to your important life event? Yes. Probably you can. But give them a map just in case.

Cockeyed Custom Event Maps can help describe details of an event which don't fit into other places on an elegant invitation, such as:

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