My Illustrated World of Warcraft Diary: Day 26 - Griffon flight and the Christmas walk with Wink

Oh man. This was a fun day.
I started the day in Westfall, and carefully made my way to Sentinel Hill, the only fortified stronghold in this area. I knew there would be a lot of quests to try here, so I talked to everyone in town and pretty much got a quest from everyone. Kill boars, kill two kinds of Delfias rogues, kill outrunners. I also got a quest that prodded me into taking the griffon flight to Stormwind to pick up some armor supplies for the merchant.

I'd heard that griffon flights are one of the first best experiences in the game, and there was a stable there, so I ran down and paid for a flight immediately. It was great! We flew!

The autopilot flight took me up, and quickly into the forest, over the trees, around some mountains and into Stormwind City.

The griffon flight was very detailed, and I was almost frantic looking around to see as much of the world as possible from above.

We landed in Stormwind about 45 seconds later, and I quickly ran over to the Old Town to get the armor shipment. I couldn't resist a trip to the auction house, where I heard someone Cybill? shouting her desire to buy 200 light leather.

Why would someone need 200 light leather? I didn't know, but she was offering 15 silver per stack of 20, so I jumped at the chance. I had 47.

She turned out to be whispering to me from another town, so she asked me to mail the supplies to her, COD! How strange is that? I also sold her the leather scraps I had collected, for 4 silver per stack.

I left town before payment had been made. I hope this works out alright! I wonder how long it will take to get paid for those? Could she just avoid the COD? What if that stuff sits at the post office for a month, and she ends up sending it back? Ah well. This game is set up that you learn from other people. Some of those people are going to rip you off, but most will treat you well.

To finish the quest, I grabbed another griffon flight back to Westfield.. I mean Westfall. Another exhilarating flight. The bird-like flight starts with a lot of flapping (to gain altitude), but the flapping slows during flight and descent is mostly silent soaring. It is pretty cool...a detail which was probably a lot of work. It is something I've never experienced in another game, or in real life.

So, the Christmas walk. I was looking for a group, and I found a couple of people who were not interested. (One gal told me she was on her way to "IF". I don't know what that is). Wandering around town, I spotted a level-30 dwarf (Wink) coaching a level 18 elf on how to nab a pet.

I stood around for a minute watching them. They noticed and chatted with me for a bit, asking what I was questing for.

One of them opened up a trade window, and I made A VERY GOOD MOVE. I dropped a 10-stack of milk into the trade window. It was useless to me, but I knew it was a pretty good offer for spell-casters. It was like saying "hey, I know you aren't in my group, but we are out here together, and this could definitely help you more than it will help me." The token worked! They asked me to join them.

This was the first group I'd been in where everyone was a higher level than me. My first thoughts were that I did not want to be a burden, but that seemed to be pretty far from their concern, as they ran off in other directions and left me to combat boars and die on my own.

However, I eventually caught up with them, mostly be following their trail of blackened Delfias corpses. Wink was calling the shots, showing us a hidden mine/dungeon inside one of the buildings in town. Within seconds, Wink was leading the way, killing everything in sight and leaving every corpse behind, loaded with loot. I felt bad at first, but hearing no objections, (He could see what I was doing and continued to chat with me) I kept going. I fought, and occasionally it did help the cause, when five bandits hit us at once, or when Wink overstepped his "Steamroller" abilities and came close to death.

Wink was casting a ton of "freeze" spells, which either killed the enemies where they stood, or froze them to the ground, where they could not reach us. The treasure was incredible. I got a staff which can conjure food, a wand, a magic hammer, awesome bracers, and so forth. All that was missing was the gift wrap.

After about 45 minutes, Wink was ready to log off, so he offered to escort me out of the mine.

What a fun time.


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May 20, 2009  

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