My Illustrated World of Warcraft Diary: Day 100 - A Run through Deadmines

A week ago, A level 70 sent out a guild alert that he was willing to run people through a dungeon, if they wanted. He wasn't asking for money, or anything else, so I'm not sure what was in it for him. I replied "Sure! I'd love a run through Deadmines". I was expecting a sales presentation or something, but none came. I think he was just being nice! He invited me to his group and started down from Stormwind as I ran West from Duskwood.

I had the presence of mind to stop at a merchant and sell 15 backpack slots worth of possessions and to buy some cheese.

He recruited one more low-level mage in Goldshire, and the two of them met me on the edge of the town of Moonshire.

When he said "a run through", he wasn't kidding. He started running. The Mage got lost, and I had to pay close attention to keep up. He was killing everything in sight, making his way to the Barn entrance. I picked up loot on about half of the corpses, rushing so that I wouldn't be left too far behind.

In the barn and downstairs, the mage logged off, and it was just the two of us. I became disoriented and lost my invincible escort for a few minutes. It was enough, and the fire elemental killed me dead.

"What the hell?" My unimpressed host announced his displeasure.

I wasn't thrilled either. He had obviously been in here a hundred times, and was running ahead, barely slowing enough to behead Delfias Miners. I ran my ghost in from Sentinel Hill and he waited patiently for me at the door of the instance.

So, basically, I was following this invincible fighter in, and he was killing everything, warning me to not pull (attract new monsters to us) until he was prepared. I should have asked him how it worked, because I didn't understand what he had to gain here.

"Loot!" he instructed me.

I should have been more grateful. I also should have asked what he expected out of the experience.

At one point he stopped to wait for me and asked me how much money I had.

I had 7 Gold. He opened up a trade window and dropped 5 Gold in. For no reason. It was appreciated. I felt bad because I wasn't giving anything back to him.

For me, the experience was less than optimum. I was left out of the fight and felt guilty just picking up loot. Also, I was rushing through some awesome rooms and foes in the goblin foundry and on the ship. I had read a little about the cook and the first mate, and was looking forward to seeing them. I only got to see their corpses (and loot their corpses).

He finished off Van Cleef out of my view, and ran back to meet me. "Done!" he announced and continued "check upstairs for more bodies. I'm going to take off."

I lingered on the ship, looting everything, getting my first blue items, a short sword and an axe.
Sure enough I ran out of open backpack slots and had to ditch some valuable loot in pursuit of even-more-valuable loot.

I was in a vast underground cavern, which was being used as a hidden harbor for this crazy 800-cannon ship. The way out was off the ship and through a mining tunnel. I paused to battle a few delfias sunbathers on the shore, nearly dying in the process.

It was late. I ran out and found myself in the dagger foothills. What a strange experience, the run through. I'll really have to try the Deadmines for real next time.


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May 21, 2009  

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