My Illustrated World of Warcraft Diary: Day 31 - Miss, Miss, Miss, Glancing

My training in Goldshire was not to be. No more spells were available at my level (15), and my skinning ability hadn't progressed either. I checked my mailbox and got word of a terrific set of successful auctions. My Christmas run had resulted in about 60 new silver pieces, boosting my total in hand to more than one gold piece. Whoo! A gold piece!

Also, I won the two-handed sword.

A change in fighting style hurts at first. I had built up a ton of one-handed sword skill, and a bit of one-handed axe skill as well, but I had no two-handed skill whatsoever, and it showed.

As I ran west, I picked on some low-level victims, Delfias rogues, small wolves and spiders: miss, miss, glancing blow, miss, miss. I was pitiful! With each swing of the sword, my skill increased, until I was making contact on most swings.

I hacked my way west, slowly making my way back into Westfall and into a Delfias camp a few steps away from the Sentinel graveyard. It was tough fighting, but the graveyard was so close that deaths weren't discouraging.

I was taking some of my first damage from a distance, getting pegged by knife-throwing foes. Ugh. That was frustrating, especially when it is two-against-one, or when they sprint away from our melee and turn to nail me from a distance.

I finished a couple more Delfias quests and went looking for tougher quarry in the outlaw town of Moonshadow. There were already five or six players walking around, with no foes nearby. They looked like they were waiting for one more friend to join them into the Delfias Outlaw Headquarters.

They didn't ask me to join them, and I wasn't ready to commit to a three-hour tour, so just hung around until they were ready and walked in with them. That strategy worked for the entryway, but when we got to the true entrance and I walked in past the swirling gateway, I walked into a different instance of the dungeon than the rest of them. When the first room loaded, I was all alone!

I died immediately and struggled to recover my body. I could only resurrect inside the dungeon, and I was far enough in that it looked like it would take 5-6 tries to get all the way out of there. I gave up and resurrected at the graveyard, taking a 25% hit to my equipment. That was ugly, but I'm sure it happens to everyone at least once.


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May 20, 2009  

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