My Illustrated World of Warcraft Diary: Day 112 - Running Wetlands

Well, finding the Dragonmaw riders was not easy. I ran Northeast into the sprawling wetlands. As I mentioned before, this area is filled with monsters which are a few levels below mine, so it is easy and fun to venture forth into the unknown.

This is one of my favorite parts of the game. Wandering around and discovering new lands, new foes and new buildings. I also enjoy seeing new types of treasure on the new corpses. This was my first time finding Raptor Eggs and Dinosaur skins. I wandered north to the shore and took a quick swim to see what was out in the ocean.

Come to think of it, do you know what is missing in this game? Random useless stuff that you can pick up. Like seashells, rocks, broken arrows, pottery, etc. So far, I've only found items on dead bodies, or in treasure chests, armoires or barrels.

Oh well, I'd probably just waste time collecting that junk anyway. Nevermind.

I love the clamshells, by the way, which can be opened to find clam meat or pearls. I love it!

I went everywhere, exploring the whole countryside.

I had a good time slashing though a few different breeds of Ooze at Ironbeard's Tomb. The design for the Oozes was done really well, in an original way, with human skulls floating in the jelly. These monsters were easy enough that I dared to attack them in sets of two or three. The fighting got a little tougher as I descended into the tomb, and eventually I got sloppy and died. I was sure there would be a treasure at the bottom floor, so that was my goal. Unfortunately, the ooze spawned so quickly that I had to re-fight my way around when my ghost returned. Inconveniences notwithstanding, I made it to the bottom alive, only to find that there was no main treasure there.

I continued to trek Northeast, eventually finding my way to a little gunfight at Dun Modr. I left this alone for the time being and walked across the gigantic bridge north. This area seemed dangerous, but not lethal. I was level 31, encountering solo spiders a little higher than that.

This was the longest period of time I had spent online in months. Eventually I realized I would have to wrap up the evening, so I turned around and headed back south.


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May 24, 2009  

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