My Illustrated World of Warcraft Diary: Day 63 - Duskwood and Raven Hill

Ugh! Behind again in my description of my Warcraft adventures.
Yesterday Duskwood became stagnant and I flew back to Redridge to finish the Shadowhide pendant quest. Let me describe what happened in Duskwood:

My second trip through Duskwood was definitely easier. Previously I had tackled giant spiders on the road through this county and had been beaten handily. After a long stay in Redridge, Piehands was more prepared for this tough area. In other words, I could kill spiders.

The first, easiest quest out of town had me hunting skeletons in a small nearby cemetery. I had become used to not being able to solo anything in Redridge, so it was nice to be able to pick them off one at a time and collect some healing potions and some cash.

I wandered west over a ridge to find some gruesome looking shadowbane creatures stalking around, looking invincible at level 28.

Next I took a look east and found Deadwinds pass, where I met my first "beware" and "abandon hope all ye who travel here" sign posts. Yikes!

Undeterred, I wandered in, and caught sight of a level 70 warrior galloping past me. Near the entrance, some monsters hung in the air showing level (??), which I had never seen before but took to mean "too high for me to estimate". Unfortunately, I wandered too close and was killed in a moment. I was distressed to find that I had popped up in a never-before visited cemetery in the middle of the county, and had a long labyrinthine ghost run back to my corpse .

Back to Duskwood, I kept mostly to the roads, finding my next 6 hours of questing adventure in Raven Hill Cemetery. The cemetery is huge, with several branches of different quests there, involving several buildings, catacombs, skeletons, ghouls, grave robbers and zombies.

One particular type of monster (Brain-chewers?) held a nasty surprise when killed. They drop two flesh-eating worms after they die.

One evening, while running back to the Raven Hill cemetery from Darkshire (the main town), I encountered a huge pasty humanoid zombie monster along the road. It was named "Stitches". He looked like an Frankenstein stay-puff marshmallow man, carrying huge chains and an axe. I was quickly killed, and watched with dead eyes as he crushed four previously invincible guards from town. Awesome!

At first I thought Stitches might be a high-level Horde player, but I found out later that he is a Duskwood regular, and that I could look forward to facing him again on this same road in the future.

I resolved to not be alone when I found him again.


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May 19, 2009  

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