My Illustrated World of Warcraft Diary: Day 117 - Dark Iron Victory

Proctor was at a pretty low level to be attempting this, but in World of Warcraft, failing as a team is almost as fun as succeeding on your own. He was up for it. We made a simple plan and started from the front gate, killing the guards out front and making our way inside. Theoretically, I would stay up front and face the enemy head on (tank) and he would stand in the rear and cast healing spells on me (heal). Unfortunately, two factors were working against us in this plan: First, we could not keep the enemy in front of us. This small town was basically inside of a bowl, and we were working our way up the sides, so we were continually catching the attention (pulling) enemy guards and fighting them on their terms. Second, despite being 6 levels my junior, Proctor the paladin was apparently more threatening than I was. Enemies would run past me to get to him, then I would have to turn around and hit them a few times to get their attention. I was considerably more durable than he was, so he was getting the hell knocked out of him. This was a real problem, making it necessary to flee the town on three or ten occasions.

Our task was to kill a set number of three varieties of dark iron dwarves. We were killing dozens of the town guards, but having a hard time locating and killing the engineers and demolition experts.

After four deaths, some of my armor was red, meaning that it was battered beyond effectiveness. One more death and my main weapon, an axe was also red, making it useless. Proctor didn't have anything I could use effectively, so we were forced to abandon the town for a while and make a hasty trip up north to the a repair in the Alliance hideout.

After about 8 death for each of us, we finally had the town mostly clear, and were in the final building, looking for two final demolition experts. They looked like they were going to be the final two people in town! Proctor shouted help, but it was too late. He had been ambushed while my back was turned and had quickly died. I wheeled around killed them, completing the quest.

Crap! I thought to myself. I had killed them, the final two, the guys we needed while Proctor was dead.
He totally wasn't going to get credit!

His ghost ran in after a few minutes and I told him the bad news. He checked his log and I had been right. No credit. We would have to find more demo guys in town, which basically meant having to wait for them to respawn.

After an age, they finally did, and we killed them together as a team.

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May 24, 2009  

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