My Illustrated World of Warcraft Diary: Day 36 - Not Ready for Duskwood

A lot has happened, but not so much that I can't get you caught up in a few paragraphs. I continued to tackle quests from Sentinel Hill in Westfall until I was directed to venture into Lakeshire in the Redridge Mountains. I also ventured south across a small river to (what seemed like) an impossibly dangerous ghost town province of Duskwood.

One quest had me fighting three kinds of Delfias Brotherhood enemies in the Dagger foothills. That was actually pretty easy. I owe my success to better utilization of the sunder armor spell.

I'll usually check my "friends" list to see if anyone I've previously adventured with is online. If I know I'm going to be playing for more than 30 minutes, I'll text them and see if they "need any help". On one occasion, a friend responded with "yes" and sent a group invitation, but a check of the map revealed that he was clear across Duskwood.

The shortest path seemed to be one that I hadn't yet taken, a long run across a high-level area. There seemed to be a safe road going across, however, so I decided to give it a try.

The first 200 steps were easy, but my pitiful progress on the main map showed what a long haul this was going to be. Soon, I ran into a spider. I died without hardly hitting him. My ghost popped up at the creepiest graveyard ever, which, once I recovered my body, put me back to where the spider was, which killed me again. This sucked. My far-off teammate wasn't texting "where are you?" but I was sure that is what he was thinking. After about 20 minutes of running to his aid, he disbanded! Dammit! I was mad at him for "disowning me" when I was risking life and limb to get to him quickly.

The next day I realized that he probably hadn't even realized I was on my way. I was on a different map from him, and he was probably just concious of me taking half of his experience points, and treasures even though I was no where around.

I turned around and went back to Westfall.

I was actually growing bored with Westfall, so I ran to the coast to gather enough Murlock eyes to finish the Westfall stew quest. I wanted to find a new hunting ground.

I found myself pretty darn close to the Gold Cliffs mine, a place which had beaten me in the past, even when I had been teamed with another player (Llan). I decided to try it again.

This time I had better luck. I was right at the edge of my abilities, but I was able to draw fights with just one enemy at a time. It was possible!

Surprisingly little inside. No king monster and no big treasure. I did find an odd flower - the Mageroyal. I have no idea what that is used for.

My quest ledger was remarkably clean... only one or two remained, and one directed me to Redridge mountains, so I was on my way. Redridge was WAY over on the other side of the map, so I ran over, got killed by a gang of pig-men, and logged off.

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May 19, 2009  

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