My Illustrated World of Warcraft Diary: Day 39 - Ambushed in Redridge

Alone, I marched into the main town of Redridge, Lakeshire. I picked up about 10 quests in my first 10 minutes in town. Everyone has a job for Piehands. Heh heh.

I'm going to be looking for tools and a necklace at the bottom of the lake, killing giant pigs, hunting spiders and dragon whelps, collecting axes and making some cross-country runs.

The giant pig, Bellygrub, sounded close to town, so I ran over to take a look. Level 24. He hit me four times and I was dead. A total mis-match. Luckily, the graveyard was only about 50 yards away, so I popped up, alive again and gave it another shot. It was hopeless. I died again, and this time I snuck away. I'd have to try that again as part of a group.

A different way out of town, to the northeast, I was totally AMBUSHED on the road by three Blackrock grunts. This was really surprising. It happened right next to town. Here's why the ambush had surprised me so much: The roads, so far, have been safe places. It is rare to be attacked on or even near a road. Also, this was my first experience with being attacked by enemies that saw me before I saw them. Finally, it was three of them attacking at once.

I realized that Redridge seems to be the land of group fighting. There are a few quests which are possible solo, but many more require two or more people. I'm going to have to do some friend-shopping if I want to get anywhere in this province.

I had a pretty good run with a paladin at the Gnoll camps. He helped me on a quest to kill Mongrels and Poachers, and then I helped him get rivets and pikes from the brutes and mystics. One thing that I found a little unbalanced was that he would send in his pet to fight alongside me, while he sat back and shot arrows from a distance. After a while I felt like I was taking bigger risks than he was... couldn't he be more deadly up close to the action?

He was one or two levels higher than I was, so I shouldn't complain.. and it was definitely more fun than trying to go it alone.


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May 21, 2009  

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