Things I Figured Out: Reader Submissions.

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Words(such as ultimate, for example) can have more than one meaning.


Don't trust crosswalk signs. Look at the traffic lights and the actual cars.


The oil company name "ESSO" comes from S.O.-Standard Oil. ESSO is one of the surviving pieces.
I'd always heard "Rest and get plenty of fluids when you've got a cold", but it wasn't until my late 20's that I actually found out that what they meant was "drink water non-stop", and what an amazing difference it makes to the level of discomfort your symptoms cause, and how quickly you recover.


There is no one perfect form of business or political organization. Each deals well with some problems and poorly with others. If too many it can't deal with pile up, it changes.

Lastly, when renovating never assume anything is square, flat, or straight until you've done enough measurements to check it.


If you are going to mix soda and fruit juice pour the soda first then the fruit juice or else it just bubbles up everywhere.


If you leave a comments section open for more than two days, new comments will only come from old visitors, and will increasingly focus on the failures of the previous comment-writers. This may stymie your quest to transform your traffic into a self-sustaining source of new material.


If the mirror keeps fogging up while you're shaving, take a little shaving cream and put it on the mirror and wipe it off. It will not re-fog and you have a clear spot to look in while you shave.


You could mention that condensation happens because hot air can hold more water than cold air can.


A&D ointment is usually found in the baby aisle at grocery stores.


When supermarkets claim that they deal in only "Prime and Choice" cuts of meat, and refuse to carry anything lower, it's not as if it's really to your benefit. It's not like pay the same for prime and choice, you pay more for the former and less for the latter. By refusing to carry Select, all they do is restrict your ability to choose to pay a lower price for lower quality (yet perfectly fine) meat.


Honey is regurgitated pollen.


Many older churches (especially Roman Catholic and Orthodox) have their Apse (the part with the altar) towards the East. This is because the sun rises from the East and is a symbol for rebirth.

Similarly, the word "orientation" is derived from the word orient, which is to the East of the Western World.


To prevent Hamburgers from getting all puffy in the middle when you cook them make a half golf ball sized divit in the middle (kind of like a donut hole that didn't quite finish the job) when the meat puffs up and pulls into the middle, you wind up with a perfect meat disc.


Even bad restaurants have good nights, which happen to be when friends go and then rave about the place and want to take you there.


Couple of software related ones.

In Suitcase X1, if you try to activate a font and get the error "There are fonts in the suitcase xxxxx that conflict with fonts in the System Fonts folder..." Instead click the triangle next to the name to expose the subfonts, and activate one of those, it will then activate the whole suitcase.

In Quark (on a Mac, don't know the commands for Quark on Windows) Command + Shift + F will skew a picture to fit into a box. Command + Option + Shift + F will scale the picture to the box, but keep it proportioned correctly. - That one would have saved me a lot of time in school if they'd bothered to mention it.


The reason so many people don't find computers as easy to use and work with as I do is because they aren't as interested in learning everything about them as I am.


When you're at work looking at porn on the web, always keep your fingers on the ALT + F4 keys. Just hit those and it automatically closes that browser window. If it's really good porn, maybe just hit ALT + Tab and your screen will go to one of the other projects you're working on (I like to keep an Excel sheet with lots of numbers on it open so it defaults to this). I can't believe I'm taking time out of looking at porn to tell you this...


One of your submissions says that the goodyear logo contains an Icarus foot. Icarus didn't have wings on his feet. They were on his back. Mercury had wings on his feet.


The human mind recognizes the shapes of words, not each individual letter. This is why it's annoying and hard to read when people type in all caps. Also, serif fonts are easier to read than san serif fonts. (Ok, so I didn't discover these on my own, but learned them in a typography class)


The people that predicted flying cars were wrong. Since flying takes more energy than just rolling on the ground, it makes no sense to fly. Unless you want to waste energy, which more people don't want to do.


COPS is the greatest television show ever. Its like the Shakespeare of our time


If you've got a document in Microsoft Word that's in ALL CAPS and you need it otherwise, highlight the text and hit Shift + F3 until it looks OK.


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