Things I Figured Out: Reader Submissions.

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It's called a "movie" because the pictures are moving!


when traveling, tuck a dryer sheet in with your clothes. keeps them fresh and smelling like home.


The lyrics to 'Dirty Deeds' are:

'Dirty Deeds, done dirt cheap' not dirty deeds done to sheep, or dirty deeds and the thunder king.


Computer speakers are a lovely substitute for the $100 iPod speakers - most of them plug into computers using the same plugs as the headphones. All you have to do is plug the speakers into an outlet and then the headphone jack of your iPod.


Here's one for the ages, and I've never shared this with anyone before - When swallowing a large heavy pill, like a vitamin, the normal move is to sort of toss/tilt your head back during the swallow, so that gravity gives a bit of an assist. What I have found is this: If the pill is bouyant (floats in water) like many lightweight capsules, YOU MUST DO THE OPPOSITE and tilt your head forward, as if looking at the ground. The pill will float up to the rear of your mouth and the swallow whisks it down. Try it, it will boggle your mind []


Women are not complicated - in fact they are incredibly simple. Men who don't understand women just haven't taken the time to pay attention.


The sky isn't blue because it reflects the sea, it's blue because the chance of a photon being refracted is inversely proportional to its wavelength. In short, more blue light gets scattered in the atmosphere.


the amazon logo has an arrow pointing from A to Z, as a way of saying "we have everything from A to Z."


Quite a long time ago I was wondering why runways at airports have such large numbers as call signs. No airport really has 33 runways...

I figured out that call sign/name of a runway is the compass direction you have to fly towards when approaching it.

Funerals include a "firing of three volleys". Back in the day, armies would call a cease-fire so they could retrieve their dead and wounded. When they were finished, they'd let the other side (and their own men) know by firing three volleys into the air. Thus, in a military or police funeral the firing literally means "we have taken care of our dead." The fact that it may (or may not) have seven shooters, and thus 21 rounds fired, has nothing to do with the firing of cannons.


If you're angry that another driver cut you off, realize that someone else is upset that no one would let him into the lane he needed to be in. If you just let them in, you'll both be happier, and you'll end up arriving at the same time anyway.


When you hear a political message, count the number of times they offer you something good if you support them. Then count the number of times they tell you something bad will happen if you don't. Chances are, they'll prey more on your fears than on your hopes.


The twist ties on a loaf of bread at the supermarket can tell you how fresh the bread is. For each day of the week that the bread is made, there is a different color of twist tie. Bread baked on:

Monday is Blue, Tuesday is Green, Thursday is Red, Friday is White, Saturday is Yellow.

If you're at the supermarket and you want fresh bread, just buy the closest color to today. If you forget the color code, it's alphabetic. MTRFS/BGRWY.



It's true: the first step of a successful project is to make a work area at a comfortable height. Thanks, Rob.


Great Foods International Chai Latte is...amazing.


A computer mouse with that rolly wheel in the middle will kick any other mouses ass. Soundly.


Plumbers use much more diverse terms to describe different fixtures than the average home-owner. For instance, a bathroom sink is a "Lav" and a kitchen sink is a "Kit." Oh, and toilets are called "Water Closets."


I've heard my whole life that we can get Vitamin D from sunlight. But not until my late 20's did I realize that the body uses the sun's rays to chemically synthesize it; I thought the sun beamed Vitamin D into our skin from 93 million miles away.


Took me years to figure out that they were singing "In The Navy" not "ukulele" in The Village People song of same name. :(


superglue removes permanent marker and dissolves styrofoam


If you are always forgetting things, carrying a notebook and pen to write it down is DA BOMB (learnt aged 35)


Putting oil into the water and stiring when you are cooking any pasta means it doesn't stick together


Bender on Futurama was actually named for John Bender of 'The Breakfast Club'. The booze joke was an outgrowth of that choice, rather than the other way around.


If you are lucky enought to get to work at home, don't start your day by checking your 'Websites to look at when Bored' folder under favorites. You will find yourself reading and contributing to a number of your favorite websites and hours will have gone by without getting a thing done


If you get to a new job, and take on a project to fix a system that's been half broken for years, and half a dozen people have already attempted to fix, you'll get a lot of pats on the back...

Actually fix it, and you'll get a raise.

only bid on an ebay auction at the last minute.


Whenever you buy a new product, regardless of how confident you are in your understanding of how "x" product functions, always read the manual/owner's guide. You are almost guaranteed to find at least one incredibly useful thing that you never would have discovered otherwise.


In an action movie, whenever someone says they need "x" amount of time to get something done and their partner tells them they only have "y" amount, they always get the thing done. ALWAYS


The people who are offering to sell you their book or system on how to get rich are just trying to get rich themselves.


1. open notepad 2. type EXACTLY "Bush hid the facts" without the quotes

3. save

4. and reopen

The facts will be hidden! I kid you not. Try it yourself.


Bohemian Rhapsody has nothing to do with the Bahamas and even less to do with rap CDs. (Age way, way, way too old).


HoTMaiL = HTML. Duh! Clever though!
The character "Bender" on Futurama is not so named because he is always on a bender. His Name is Bender Bending Rodriguez. His first and middle names come from the type of robot he is. His last name is mexican, because he was assembled in Mexico.


Arby's stands for "RBs", like Roast Beefs.

Internet stands for "internetwork" (like interstate or international)

and "Smooth move Ex-Lax" is not a way of calling someone Ex-Lax, it is because Ex-Lax helps people have "smooth movements"


Poo is over 50% bacteria


A swollen left ankle on obese people mean that they have or will have some form of cardiovascular failure.


Young women are not impressed by the ability to recite Monty Python from memory.


The war in Iraq is about oil.


Every "special cleaning fluid" for CD, cassette, and vinyl cleaning supplies is just regular ol' isopropyl alcohol. And to that point, Q-tips rock.


Unless it's been run over by a car or something, most electronics can be fixed. And, believe it or not, the money you save far outweighs the cost of buying new.


Learn how to make your own liquor. It's fun, and you'd be surprised how cheap and easy it is.


"Hiking" is really just walking....


If you need to slice beef very thin for stir-fry, freeze it partially first so it's stiff but not hard.


When you take a photo of something, try to fill the picture with the subject, and pay attention to the edges of the frame.

If you're going to take many photos you may have trouble identifying later, write yourself a note in large letters on a letter-sized sheet of paper, then take a picture of the paper before shooting the subject.

When taking photos after dark, if the flash goes off, anything more than 10 feet away will be underexposed.

Anything close enough to touch while you're holding you camera probably won't be in focus when you take a photo of it.


If you travel with tubes (toothpaste, suntan lotion, etc.) or bottles that could leak, pack them in a Ziploc bag.

If you're traveling with a lot of cords and adapters for electronic equipment, pack them in a Ziploc bag, then remove the bag and put it through the X-ray machine at the airport separately. The tangle of wires in a closed bag will greatly increase the chance that the screeners will ask you to step aside so they can examine the contents of your luggage more closely.

If you check your luggage when you travel, print your name, address and cellphone number IN LARGE PRINT on a letter-sized piece of paper, and put it in your luggage before you close it. This greatly increases your chances of being reunited with the luggage if it's lost. And make sure to bring your cell phone!

Being right is often the least important thing in a personal dispute.


The numbers for video cards do not exactly reflect how powerful they are.


When your child wakes you up to tell you that something is on fire, check it out. Now. Right Now! WAKE UP! GO!

You can tell her that it's okay, Mommy's just cooking breakfast, after you check it out.

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