Things I Figured Out: Reader Submissions.

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Appendicitis won't necessarily hurt where your appendix is. It can feel like a bad stomach ache. But if you press about halfway between your belly button and right hip and you feel the pain move there, then you need to go to the hospital, and fast.


I noticed in high school that females carry their books on their hip (much like someone would carry a baby) and boys carry their books with arm extended at their side (much like someone would carry a bow and arrow). I think this must be some sort of primitive instinct.


Melting unsweetened chocolate to coat sweet delicious strawberries with should taste good in theory, after all, it's chocolate. But reality says different. Use semi sweetened or add some sugar.

Also, if you are trying something to cook something new to win brownie points with the new significant other, try it first. I learned this long ago the hard way, and it saved my ass again. (see above)



The best burgers are made with two ingredients: Salt and Beef. Don't press them on the grill, but when they're done, put them on a plate, cover it with aluminum foil, and let them rest for ten minutes. Trust me. Also, for heaven's sake, Medium or Medium Rare!


"awry" is pronounced "uh-rye." (I humiliated myself in front of a lot of people when I said something was "awe-ree".") Segue is "seg-way." Edinburgh is "ed-in-burr-ah" - the "g" is silent.


If you write a letter of appreciation to an little-known author or a food company, you'll almost always get a hand-written note, free stuff, or coupons back.


It floored me to find out that the original makers of the birth control pill built in the idea of women still having periods, even though they weren't necessary. The makers were worried that women wouldn't buy the pills if they didn't have their periods. Today, if you skip the placebo pills (the dummy pills, usually the 4th line or 4th week in a pack) in a pack of birth control and just start in on your new pack, you can skip all your periods. Forever. It's the best thing ever. I've check it with several doctors, and it's perfectly safe to do.


Next time you take a long airplane trip, bring a box of chocolates for the flight crew. Give it to them at the beginning of the flight. You'll be amazed at the service you'll get during that flight!


Crunchy peanut butter in oatmeal tastes AMAZING!


it's not "per say" it's "per se" because it's Latin. According to Wikipedia it means, "in, of, or by itself; in its own right"

Also, if you put a raw (uncracked) egg in the microwave it will scramble itself on the inside!

And then explode! So much quicker than with a pan. And if you mix corn starch and water (I forgot the exact recipe) it makes an amazing physics-defying substance! I promise!


If your child gets easily motion/car-sick, don't feed them anything for at least 2-3 hours before getting in the car. Oh, and dramamine takes at least 30 minutes to set in.


That Warren Buffett and Jimmy Buffett are *NOT* the same person. I only realized when I was about 30 that Warren/Jimmy Buffett wasn't some pop star from the 70s/80s who was an investment genius including his line of restaurants...DUH I think the lightbulb happened when the company I was working for was bought by Warren Buffett's Berkshire.


When making a volcanic-like eruption in grade 8 science class using vinegar and baking soda in a tin-foil cup, adding liquid iodine to make the lava look more convincing causes the tin-foil to erode away and make a mess on Sams desk.


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