Things I Figured Out: Reader Submissions.

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Silk isn't vegan because they kill the worms to make it.


Robin Williams (the actor) and Robbie Williams (the singer) are not the same person (probably obvious to everyone but me)!


If you have a run in your stocking you can use nail polish to stop it from running any further.



Many of these "lessons" are false. Do some research before you follow or repeat them.


You can get flowers at any grocery store 24 hours on your way to a girl's house, and they ALWAYS make a good impression, even the $3 bunch of daisies. Actually, especially the daisies.


I guess I don't *know* that this is true but in high school I figured out why the lips/mouth and the anus are so sensitive. Think about it, they're both bodily openings, potential entrances or doors, so it makes sense to have a warning system incase anything unwanted is trying to get in.


There are 4 quarts in a gallon; that's because "quart" is short for "quarter-gallon." It took me 42 years to realize that.
Pen knives are so named as they used to be used for sharpening quills.


"Game controllers are meant to be held gently. Pushing the buttons harder will not make your character jump higher, run faster, or fight harder, and your thumbs will blister."
Is somewhat wrong with games today. The ps2 in particular have games that work with the pressure sensitive buttons on them.


When making a powerpoint presentation, you can type in a number to go directly to a specific slide. What I discovered is that, if you make a mistake entering your number, you can press backslash (\) to erase the numbers you've entered and start over.
You can often stick a parking pass on the backside of a sun visor. Then you don't have a large ugly sticker on your windshield, and it appears with a quick flick of the visor. Do stick it the right way.
~ Diz ~


It's no good joining a "no-calls-please" registration service (e.g. Telephone Preference Service in UK) if you accepted conditions on a website or paper form which allows these people to call you.


When tearing a page from a book, secure the book with one hand and hold the page you want to remove at the top. Start tearing, but move your hand down the page as you tear. This will stop the rip going crazy at the end and ruining the page you wanted to steal from the library.

When throwing a book across a room, always throw it spine first, otherwise it will open out and the pages will disturb its flight path.


Always pick your nose before you cut your fingernails


the "apple" that Eve gave to Adam had nothing at all to do with fruit.


If you don't point out your mistakes to people, chances are they didn't notice.


Trees don't grow out of the ground as if they're being squeezed out of a tube of toothpaste. Only the ends of the branch tips grow. Hammer a nail into a trunk or hang a hammock between two trees, and a hundred years later the nail or hammock will still be at the same height, though the tree trunk will be thicker.


My mother thought that mice are baby rats, up until age 57 when she told me this and I straightened her out. 


Learned this one after having a baby, when mixing formula, put the dry stuff in first, then the liquid in to the amount of formula you want, and mix, comes out to the same amount, where if you put the liquid in first, then the dry, you get more than you wanted.


hen you're talking to customer service (especially college registrars), ALWAYS get the person's full name. It's invaluable if something goes wrong, and the person instantly double-checks anything they're doing for you becuase now they're on the hook.


In Internet Explorer, hold down shift while clicking a link opens it in a new window.

When skateboarding if you fall and scrape your hands, use the top of your sock to clean the blood off! That way it wont stain your shirt or pants because you can bleach socks! And if you cant get the blood out of the socks, psssh who cares its just socks!!
If you press the submit button, whatever you type in the white box may just appear on the site!
Stop pestering a cat once its tail starts to wag. Unlike with dogs, a cats tail wagging usually means it's annoyed and is preparing to bite you.
The "L" in the Staples logo looks like a bent staple


Also, cigarettes don't actually calm you down, they speed up your heart. It's a cruel little trick your brain plays on you because the cigarette fills a psychological need.
drinking lots of water before going to sleep will make you hungry at night


Addiction to porn is a problem but its not bad as Gambling, drinking, smoking


Something that is painfully obvious to you can be puzzling to someone else. It doesn't mean they are stupid. More importantly, it doesn't mean you are a genius.


Burger King wasn't a King


Galactagogue: An agent that promotes the secretion and flow of milk.
Galaxy....Milky Way. Duh.


Soft foods get hard when they go stale and hard foods get soft. --Valerie


I recently got why the Univ. of Connecticut's mascot is a Husky. UConn Huskies. UConn. Yukon. Not that this makes sense, but I get it now. 


I learned that "disintegrate" is not made up from "DE-sintegrate" and does the opposite of "sintegrating" something. It's actually from DIS-Integrate, which removes the integration from something. 


Rastafarians got their name from 'Ras' Tafari - Prince Tafari in Ethiopia. Andrew (in Addis Ababa)
Ivory soap floats because it contains lots of little bubbles. They are infused in the soap in the manufacturing process. That is also why it does not last as long as regular soap!


The cookie Chips Ahoy is a play on the expression "Ships Ahoy!" 
In Canada (and other places) its pronounced "Left-tenant" not "Loo-tenant" but its a secret obviously - nobody actually pronounces it correctly.


"Call me Ishmael" in Moby Dick is an allusion to Ishmael from the Bible


Knitting tighter on socks helps them wear better. It also uses less yarn.... somehow. In other knitting news blocking and proper finishing work miracles.
If you like a strong flavoured cheese, just cut off the mould - it won't hurt you.


In powerpoint and word, when using bullets
ctrl+shift+> indents, ctrl+shift+< removes an indent, speeds up slide creation quite handily.


Every summer when I was little on our way to the beach, we would drive past the "Ogunquit Playhouse" (a theater). Up until my mid-teens I thought it was a giant building with toys and games, and wondered why my parents never took me there.

Comments? Little discoveries are particularly welcome.


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