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When my boss Richard Bay designs a display, he doesn't use a CAD program or blueprints. He makes paper models.

This photo is of some of his heavy paper models for the history of agriculture exhibit, featuring (from left to right), a kids area, a forest/sea-product section, a rainwater display, a miniature house, a California map, and a mission/railroad car display.  The models are usually made so that " of paper represents one foot of actual display.. so the 4" tall paper house was designed to be built 9 feet tall.

One of the first bits to be built was this rooftop for the rainwater display.

These Hokusaiesque waves will highlight the seafood products section.

Here is the skeleton of the tree for the forest/sea-product section. It is about 10 feet tall.

Carving rocks for the forest/sea-product section.

The rainwater rooftop painted white and mounted on a black pole.

The little house under construction. Unfortunately there is nothing in the photo that reveals the scale of this house. It is 9 feet tall.

Jim connecting the clouds above the painted rooftop.

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History of Agriculture Exhibit - Page 1 | 2
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