San Joaquin County Exhibit

The San Joaquin county display was designed to be a giant three-dimensional version of the San Joaquin county seal. The seal consisted of a golden scale, weighing industry against agriculture, flanked by three vehicles of transportation.


Many of the displays at the fair are made up of tiny versions of big things, and small versions of small things, like this giant book I made from plywood and styrofoam.

We shrink
  1. Mountains
  2. Landmarks
  3. Trees
  4. Buildings
  5. Trains

We blow up

  1. Fruit
  2. Nuts
  3. Flowers
  4. Insects

Before the exhibit platforms were built, the foam carvers, including myself, got to work sculpting vegetables, including asparagus, grapes, and a giant onion.

The county seal is encircled with the San Joaquin name, so a twelve-foot donut was constructed and fastened to the front of the platform.

The background had a circular sky against a green background, that made for an interesting effect, just by itself.

Roger painted the lettering. Before painting, he found the center line and drew the lettering in with pencil..or chalk. I would have blown up a printout and transferred that, but he can just do it by hand.

When he was finished, the red letters looked really sharp, and because all the foam pieces had already been made, the display came together very quickly.


Manny Crisostomo of the Sacramento Bee newspaper came in a few days before the fair started and took photos. I was working across the aisle on Alameda county, but I couldn't devise anything very photogenic to work on at the time.

One photo made it into the Bee's Fair feature.

I carved the book, boat, train and buildings and someone painted them to match the logo.

The display was remarkably simple, but very attractive.

Finally the display was laden with real flowers, fruit, nuts, signs and wine. 

The judges gave San Joaquin a gold award and an award for best agricultural presentation.

I think it turned out great!

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