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After 3 hours with a saber saw, the crazy pointy top is finished, and the crown of a kiosk is assembled.

The Sacramento display needed one other mold, a bear-face icon that would be used on the Ferris wheel.

The fortune teller was made with a mold so that her face could be made from latex, these bear icons were made with a mold so that 26 identical copies could be produced quickly.

The bear mold worked very nicely, and a stack of bear faces began piling up. The molds were filled in two steps: First a few ounces of quik-cast resin was sloshed around the mold to create a hard, smooth exterior. Once that was dry, the mold was topped up with two-part expanding foam. 

More information on quik-Cast here.

Michael and Roger. Roger is sanding a teddy-bear like face for one of the posters. This teddy bear is nicknamed Poppy, the fair mascot, named for his awesome break-dancing moves.

Vicky prepares one of the kiosks for painting.

Kristin prepared three styrofoam bear silhouettes. 

This fully dimensional bear would sit at the front of the display. 

Kristin glued the silhouettes together and began sculpting with gusto. Here she is wielding a chainsaw, later she used a rasp, a long razor-knife and sandpaper.

The fortune teller's eyes needed to sit behind the latex face, so Roger made this skull out of expanding foam and aluminum foil. You can see some aluminum foil on her forehead, a la Terminator.

A foam torso with wooden neck joint holds the skull as her face lays nearby.

The dimensional posters began to take shape. 

Attaching the roof to the first kiosk.

Stretching the face over the skull, trying to line up the eyeballs.

Imaging having a few of these laying around at your work.

People who work in Iraq probably have the most dangerous jobs in the world, but there are people who work in special effects who have the creepiest jobs in the world.

The entertainment and livestock posters with a base coat of paint. That is a microphone on the ground.

Poppy poster with a little highlighting color.

Mark began laying out the platform for the Sacramento display.

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