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Fast-forward to the night before the fair opens. Victoria is sitting in front of a laptop, printing out last-minute corrections, and everyone else is mounting, matting and hanging signs like madmen.

These images were layed out on this oversized map of... wait, I guess this isn't oversized, because it represents a 700-mile long stretch of land... anyway, I took this photo so I'd be able to replace these photos after they had been mounted on foamcore.

The completed forest/sea-product section, with Hokusai wave, rocks and tree.

Fairgoers keeping their distance from the state of California.

The completed mission/railroad car wine display.

The rainwater display, with plants, signage and photos.

My favorite bit was the gardenhose fence rail. Ingenious.

Another view of the rainwater display.

Next to the state of California were 18 prominent figures of California's Agricultural Heritage, including Luther Burbank (center).

I think Benjamin Holt is in this lineup too. He developed caterpillar tracks that replaced wheels on combined harvesters. This helped with the loose soil in the San Joaquin river delta. It was a big hit, and inspired the treads that define how people think of tanks. Tank history.

The little house laden with signage. The house suffered a break-in on the second day of the fair. A little kid climbed the fence and busted through the front door and broke it off the hinges. 

Someone screwed it shut after that.

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