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Victorian face paint is applied, but she still looks like a zombie with those white eyes. Her face is exclaiming "oh no!"

Walls were built, incorporating the skyline cutouts. These were textured and painted.

Inside, the mobile Victorian wall was being built. This is a painting of the smoke rising from the burning city.

Guests look into the woman's house through this opening, and out her other window to the engulfed city on the other side. Everything in her house is shaking, a nice effect which was troubling to some children. 

The completed Victorian woman, who spun in a little half-circle.

The red entrance, looking sparse but inviting. I don't know if inviting is really the right word, because it is dark, and there are screams coming from inside, but sure enough, people really wanted to go in there.

Richard blacking out some places where the raw plywood ceiling is visible. The front sign reads "San Francisco Rocks and Rolls".

Richard borrowed an incredible photo of devastated 1906 San Francisco. Oh! Here it is online:

Photograph after earthquake and fire of 1906, from 1,500 feet. The Fairmont is practically the only building left standing.

Personally, I thought the coolest part of the display was a seismograph. By jumping on the floor in front of the machine, it was easy to make the needle jump a little, making a little squiggle on the rotating drum of paper. It was great!

The San Francisco display won a Gold Award. It wasn't as jam-packed with stuff as some other displays, but it was obvious from the start that visitors were going to enjoy walking through this rumbling, screaming display.

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