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Richard and Peter discussing construction plans.

Building trees from chip-board.

The first cans of paint. 

A hummingbird got caught in the building and had a hard time getting out again.

In Singapore, seeing a hummingbird that is standing still is bad luck, and sure enough, later that day, I cut my thumb open.

Stacks of wooden shapes that will become rocks on a stucco wall.

Michael carving a hand holding a wine bottle.

Kristin with foam core art-deco theatre decor.

Lattice roof structures being constructed.

Washing the A/B building with firehoses.

Scott, Jason and Michael glue a giant insect together.

Soft foam tick and mosquito under construction.

Jason and his new wasp hat.

The base of the carillon that was added to the September 11 memorial.

That bit of white PVC was used to supply water to the granite ball fountain (Kugel), which needed remarkably low water pressure to keep moving.

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More Fair Photos - Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
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